Charity 365

The holidays may be over, but your family’s interest in and commitment to charity work shouldn’t also end- it is a great time to make a new year’s resolution to begin, increase or sustain your family’s commitment to a specific non-profit organization, and help it do even more in 2017.  Before you know it, you will have become instrumental in the success of your chosen organization.

Of course, holiday giving is vital and necessary to the financial sustainability of many organizations.  However, these same organizations continue to help the community they serve during the other 11 months of the year, as well.   Accordingly, if you are committed to teaching your children to be more service oriented, your family’s charity work and service projects should not be limited to the holiday season.

The non-holiday months are a great time for you and your children to more deeply understand the social, environmental or other impacts and needs of your chosen organization, as well as how you can best participate and support them as you interact with them throughout the year. 

So, add commitment (of time, in-kind donations and/or funds) to charity to your new year’s resolution.  Find a cause or organization that fits your family’s interests, if you have not already done so during the holidays.  Reach out and learn how to participate in their mission.  Start small (once a quarter, once a month) so that you can sustain the effort as an individual or family.

At the bottom of this article are a few websites to help you and your family get started in your search for local or national organizations to support.  Start your search today!  There are so many organizations who would welcome your interest and participation.

Happy New Year!

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