Past events and drives

6/10/2016: Art Sparks in Hopewell is hosting a gently used book drive during their camps this summer.  If you have book to donate, please visit for more information.

6/10/2016: Tooby Doo, the children’s clothing store in Princeton, will be giving a discount off purchase to those who donate a NEW stuffed animal, coloring book or crayon pack.

6/5/2016: Thank you to / for hosting a successful bag drive!  They collected stuffed animals and toiletries among many other items.  Thank you!

4/20/2016: To date we have distributed 137 emergency bags and 80 activity bags!

4/17/2016: Fundraiser hosted by Princeton Scoop Kids at Communiversity ArtsFest in Princeton, NJ.  Kids had a great time tossing bean bags in support of The Bag Project!

1/30/2016: A special THANK YOU to Aurav & Armaan for choosing to support The Bag Project as part of their 8th birthday celebrations!  The donations they collected will go directly to helping children in our area.  We are so grateful for their generosity.

1/16/2016: Thank you to the Mansour family for their donation of 355 new books!!  Assuming 3 books per bag, that is almost 120 bags worth of books– amazing!

1/14/2016: We have an urgent need for preemie and infant clothing (onesies, socks, footy outfits, sleep sacks, etc) and seasonally appropriate outerwear. These items will only be included in the infant bags packed for Child Protection & Permanency (formally known as Division of Youth & Family Services), for when they are picking up newborns in crisis directly from the hospital.

1/12/16: Our gently used book drive is going great!  We have received close to 400 books that are great for all ages.  But we are always looking for more!  Please contact us at: to coordinate or drop off at one of these locations.

1/11/2016: A big shout out to Henry, who in lieu of gifts to celebrate his 10th birthday, asked for donations to support The Bag Project. Henry, a heartfelt thank you for your generosity. By doing what you did, you will be making a real difference in the lives of children in crisis in our area. Melissa Klepacki, thank you for all of your continued support.

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