Infants in Need

For the month of October, YogaStream in Princeton is hosting a newborn clothing drive.

YogaStream: 218 Witherspoon St. Suite 210; Princeton, NJ

The Problem:

Infants who are born into unsafe situations are removed directly from the hospital’s nursery by the Department of Children & Families and are discharged in only a onesie and diaper. The Bag Project is committed to providing newborns in crisis with seasonally appropriate clothing along with a bag filled with necessities (including diapers, wipes, bottle, baby soap, etc.), and comfort items.

How You Can Help: 

Donate NEW infant/newborn/0-6 month fall/winter clothing **.

The clothes will be included in The Bag Project’s infant bags specifically packed for the NJ Department of Children & Families, Child Protection & Permanency, when their staff are required to remove newborns directly from the hospital for safety concerns.

**Preferably unisex and NO reference to family (i.e. nothing with “mommy loves me”; “daddy’s favorite”, etc).


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